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September 5th, 2003

Isotupa Consulting Inc. releases ICI Database Editor Tool kit for Desktop v.1.0

Kitchener, ON, Canada, Sept 05, 2003 – Isotupa Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ICI Database Editor Tool kit for Desktop v.1.0

ICI Database Editor Tool kit for Desktop is the base technology product for Isotupa Consulting Inc. .NET based product suite for Microsoft’s .NET developers.

Isotupa Consulting developed a commercial off-the-shelf solution, ICI Database Editor Tool kit, to meet the challenges that arise from the data maintenance needs of utility and infrastructure that municipality and energy companies are facing today. These companies are required to continuously and quickly change their database back ends as their data needs grow and at the same time many of their applications share the use of this data as the enterprise database. There is no time to take all the database changes back to the programmers and recompile and redistribute applications. ICI Database Editor Tool kit allows runtime reconfiguration of the database editing while maintaining professional data validation capabilities at the user interface.

As organizations are struggling to keep their applications that share data in synch, it is crucial that no time is wasted going back to programming, retesting and then to redistribution. The software developers who deliver applications to these companies are constantly faced with the dilemma of either forcing the client to convert their data into the developer’s data model or providing customized solutions to each customer. Customized solutions make any upgrading or future development virtually impossible. ICI Database Editor Tool kit allows one base application to support vastly different and customized data models, thus releasing the developer from this quagmire.

The software developers today do not have the luxury of time to develop and test every data editing field in the dozens or hundreds of the data editing forms that are required for data maintenance of large datasets that utility, municipality, energy or infrastructure companies typically have. The application must be developed in days or weeks, not in months or years. ICI Database Editor Tool kit releases the developers from the tedious data editing form building and lets them concentrate on the custom features, custom data validations and to the key features of their applications.

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