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April 2005

ICIReports – dynamically maintainable application

Have you everwondered why you can’t add new, nice features in your application without upgrading the whole application? Full upgrade often modifies the features that are working well for you and introduces countless new bugs. The new .NET technology allows us to develop applications that can be fully and truly modular, so selective upgrading should be possible. The end user should be able to pick which features are needed and add only these features without changing the core application.

Isotupa Consulting has developed a reporting tool that allows you to deploy a dynamically maintained web application. New reports, data filtering web pages and even data editing pages can be added to an application just by copying them onto the server and defining each new feature in its own database record. This will not only add the new features to the application framework and menus but also handle program calls to them within the framework. This technology allows the end user to pick and choose the features, reports and upgrades they need without needing to build a whole new custom application. The end user can even develop their own application features and add them to application if they so choose.

ICIReports is an application framework for custom analysis and reporting. The target market is SMBs and small departments that cannot afford nor need major reporting engines such as Business Objects ™ products. ICI Reports is not a report building tool. It allows simple and easy deployment of reports over the web. Although our framework technology allows us to build vertical applications or reporting for any industry, currently we have vertical applications for physical facility and asset management.

So, go ahead and deploy your ICIReports with features and reports that you need and do not worry about future updates…

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